New Key Realty LLC.

Compare & Estimate your potential income with New Key Realty

1. Multiply the annual number of transactions by $550

2. Add $55/month ($660 / year)

If the total is less than $5,500, subtract that total from your gross income


If the total is more than $5,500, subtract $5,500 from your gross annual income.

Add $55/month ($660 / yr)

*Please note: There is a state tax of $4/$1000 that is collected from your commission as a straight pass-through to the State of Tennessee.

Explore the Benefits of joining our team

  • Annual Cap of $5,500
  • Broker Split $550/transaction (No % Split)
  • Low Monthly Fees ($55/month)
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Hidden Office Use Fees
  • Basic & Advanced Business Development Training
  • One on One Broker Coaching & Business Planning
  • Transaction Coordinator (Optional)
  • Marketing Templates & Supplies Available to Order
  • Online Transaction Coordination & Storage
  • Conference / Closing Area
  • Workspace Available
  • Fully Engaged, Local Available Broker
New Key Realty LLC.

Deanne Nelson Broker/Owner

" My commitment is to create an agent-driven environment for your professional growth and to set us apart from other Nashville real estate companies, both in support & service to our clients and our agents. This motivates me every morning to bring the best I can to you as an agent.

I believe you can earn it without giving up on the support, coaching, and training from your broker!"
"Earn More, Keep More"